With over 20 years experience Draughtproofing Sash Windows.

We specialise in “Draughtproofing Sash Windows in Bristol” & “Draughtproofing Sash Windows in Bath“.

The most comprehensive draught proofing system on the market, we have a wealth of experience in “draught proofing sash windows in Bath” and “draught proofing sash windows in Bristol” we are very confident that our discreet 12 piece draughtproofing system is the “Industry Leader”,

 “The SashWindowCo” were contracted to draught proof all of the Sash Windows for “English Heritage” at their newly refurbished offices at, “The Old Sailors Home”, Queen St, Bristol.

Most of our competitors only fit an average of 8 pieces to their Draughtproofing systems,

This means you will have painted surfaces on your Sash Window running against painted surfaces on your Sash Box frame which will not be draught proofed and will not run smoothly,

Our comprehensive discreet draught proofing system includes 12 individual pieces of “Low Friction” Weather Seals fitted to each and every Sash Window,
This ensures that every moving component of your sash window will be sliding against our” Low Friction ” weatherseals guaranteeing the smoothest action possible ensuring there will be no paint rubbing against another painted component.
All sash cords are renewed  with our waxed cotton sash cord with a reinforced nylon core and all sashes are weighed and adjusted for a smoother action.


       Advantages :

  • 99% draughts excluded.
  • 100% rattles eliminated.
  • Ultra smooth operation.
  • Reduced traffic noise & pollution.
  • Listed building approved,
  • Full 10 year Guarantee.

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