With over 20 years experience refurbishing, draught proofing, manufacturing and installing Sash Windows in the Bristol and Bath area.

  We have a solution for all your sash windows requirements in the Bath & Bristol area.


Sash Windows are a major asset for your property. These original features maintain your home’s natural character, value and architectural integrity.


“The SashWindowCo” has a variety of services that will suit your sash window requirements-


  1. Draughtproofing with our discreet 14 piece system, the most comprehensive draught proofing system available.

  2. New bespoke made to measure sash windows, all designs and sizes available.

  3. Full refurbishment and restoration with our long lasting MVP Breathable 4 coat paint system including the very important Gloss or Satin Top Coat.

  4. Retro-Fit double glazing into your existing single glazed sashes using state of the art double glazed units.


All if not most of our competitors will only leave your finished windows in a coat of primer, meaning that you have to pay for scaffolding or have the windows removed and refitted again for the Gloss or Satin Top Coat to be applied at great extra costs,

Whether you require “new double glazed wooden Sash Windows” sympathetically faithful to the original design, to upgrade your existing or reinstate as original… we have a “bespoke sash windows service” to suit you.

We use “Accoya” timber as standard on all our new joinery that we manufacture,

We have a large mobile workshop that can arrive at your property to carry out a wide range of our services we offer for your sash windows, we also have a large workshop for the remaining services we offer for your sash windows,

Our new replacement “double glazed Accoya Sash Windows” that are fully finished in Sikkens breathable paint system including the Gloss/Satin top coat can be fitted into your existing refurbished sash boxes or we can fit new fully finished Accoya sash boxes.

All Accoya timber is guaranteed for 50 years.

Please contact us for the “best prices on Accoya double glazed Sash Windows” in the Bath and ¬†Bristol area that are fully finished in “Sikkens” breathable paint system.